Pavers may need to be cut to fit at the perimeter or around rooftop penetrations and equipment. For the cleanest cuts, LiveRoof recommends a wet saw with a 14” diamond concrete blade. A piece of tape should be placed over the cut line to prevent chipping. Most chop saws or circular saws will require cuts to be made on both sides of each paver.

Cut the concrete top first, then flip the paver over and finish the cut through the plastic base. Curved cuts can be made by making several straight cuts on an angle to create the curve.

To accommodate ridges, low penetrations, or irrigation lines, notches may be cut out of the plastic base. An angle grinder with a blade suited to cutting plastic is best for this task. It is ideal to remove entire sections of the RoofStone base when making notches. This keeps the factory edges in contact with the roof membrane and prevents potential damage from burs.