Engineered Soil

LiveRoof Engineered Green Roof Soil is designed to be sustainable, used in conjunction with the LiveRoof module and to be the best green roof soil on the market. LiveRoof Engineered Green Roof Soil™, a proprietary blend of the finest inorganic and organic materials, is supplied under license from LiveRoof, LLC, and is formulated under strictly controlled standards.

LiveRoof Engineered Green Roof Soil™ is designed to:

  • Be approximately 94+% inorganic by dry weight (92% in British Columbia), as is the case with ecologically stable, sustainable, mature green roofs.
  • Conform to German FLL granulometric standards.
  • Filter rainwater and buffer acid rain.
  • Effectively grow LiveRoof plants.

LiveRoof Engineered Green Roof Soil™ weighs approximately 27 to 29 lbs./sq. ft. fully saturated at 4¼” depth when fully vegetated with LiveRoof plants.

LiveRoof's specially-engineered green roof soil.

Note: Soil specifications will vary somewhat depending on region and available soil components. Consult your local grower for specifics.