LiveRoof Representatives

LiveRoof professional representatives provide local green roof project support.

LiveRoof Licensed Growers are horticultural experts who oversee the local design, sale, and growing of LiveRoof projects.

Use our grower map to contact your local rep for support with green roof plant selection, pricing, and availability.


Prides Corner Farms
Servicing Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, northeastern New Jersey, & eastern New York

Riverbend Greenroofs
Servicing Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, North Carolina, eastern Pennsylvania & southeastern West Virginia

James Greenroofs
Servicing Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, & Tennessee

LiveRoof, LLC
Servicing Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, northeastern Illinois, southeastern Wisconsin, northern West Virginia, western New York & Pennsylvania

Vibrant green grasses grown in a curved path around a rooftop area.

Bachman’s Inc.
Servicing Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota & northwestern Wisconsin

Roof Top Sedums
Servicing Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, southwestern Illinois & Wisconsin

Rows of bright green vegetation cover the green roof at Hipolito F. Garcia Federal Courthouse in San Antonio, Texas.

LiveRoof Texas, LLC
Servicing Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas & New Mexico

Colorful red, pink, and yellow living roof with patio seating.

Intermountain Roofscape Supply
Servicing Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, & eastern Washington

GreenFeathers, Inc.
Servicing Oregon & Washington

Florasource, Ltd.
Servicing California, Arizona, Nevada & New Mexico

Hawaiian Sunshine Nursery, Inc.
Servicing Hawaii


Perennial Vegetated Roof Garden at Nathan Phillips Square of Toronto City Hall

LiveRoof Ontario, Inc.
Servicing Ontario, New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador, Nova Scotia, & Prince Edward Island

Eagle Lake Landscape Supply
& Vanstone Nurseries

Servicing Alberta, Saskatchewan, & Manitoba

NATS Nursery
Servicing British Columbia


Please contact us if you have a need for modules for use on a project outside of one of the regions below, or are interested in becoming a distributor of LiveRoof systems.

LiveRoof Installation by Stormwater360 in Auckland, New Zealand - 'The Cloak' Award-Winning Building

Australia & New Zealand

Greg Yeoman
+64-9-467 5586
7C Piermark Drive
Rosedale, Auckland

LiveRoof Installation by VerdeActive in Pilchelemu, Chile


VerdeActivo, Soluctiones para Cubiertas Vegetales
Maria de la Luz Barros
+569 92513510
Av. Perú 1201,


Dutch.Green Roof
Rolph Markvoort
telephone: +31 (0) 548 363 679
mobile/whatsapp/viber/telegram: +31 (0) 630 858 199
Oude Stationsweg 8
NL-7451 ME Holten

LiveRoof Installation at Jardín Botánico, Chapultepec, Méx. D.F. by BMI Medio Ambiente


BMI Medio Ambiente
Ernesto González Carrillo
+55 5 342 3745
Lago Chalco No. 15
Col. anahuac
Mexico D.F.
C.P. 11320

LiveRoof Licensed Growers are the only authorized source of LiveRoof® Hybrid Green Roof Systems.