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  • Some cities have specific requirements for green roof specifications, such as Toronto, New York, and Denver. Our sales reps are knowledgeable in these requirements and can help you navigate them if needed.

  • LiveRoof Mission Please Read

    Our Mission at LiveRoof is to provide the best functioning, best looking, longest lived, easiest maintained green roof on the market. Our system is unique in design and function. It is intended to last indefinitely, grow healthy-sustainable plants, complement the architecture, and function in concert with all roofing systems. Equally important as our system design, is our professionalism. Our organization is composed of dedicated professionals with substantial experience in horticulture, construction, roofing, and design-and we are pleased to share our experiences as to what works, what doesn't work, and which plants to use to optimize the aesthetic and functional qualities of your design.

    The LiveRoof system produces a superior return-on-investment, and is designed to be enduring and headache free for the property owner. The owner, ultimately, must live with and maintain the green roof. Our system is proven and our plants, which are selected, developed, and tested specifically for rooftop cultivation, are remarkably effective. LiveRoof is endorsed and recommended by hundreds of satisfied owners. And, when properly cared for, an acre-size LiveRoof can be maintained in as little as 10 man-hours per year. LiveRoof is present after the sale as well, providing ongoing support with our biweekly maintenance newsletter, and willingness to advise and consult-as we protect the owner's investment, our brand, and your design and reputation.

    Because of the soundness of our system, our investment of time (with design assistance), professionalism, research-tested plants, presence during installation, and ongoing commitment to the owner, we ask you to consider selecting the sole-specification option as you use our spec. writer to write your specification. The market is fraught with those who undercut and substitute in the name of "value engineering", make promises of "like LiveRoof", and play games with your design and the owner's investment. Dealing with this is time wasting for all involved. When a project allows for a sole spec., it empowers us to spend our time creating value. Ultimately, our mission is for the owner to be elated with the value of their LiveRoof system, their plants, and your design.


    David MacKenzie
    President, LiveRoof LLC
  • Please note: Pricing is a factor of project size and number of accent plants, not specification. We will always do our best to provide optimal value as fair pricing, regardless of specification (as indicated in the LiveRoof mission statement). A sole specification helps to safeguard design integrity and allows us to be most attentive to bring owner value.

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  • Conventional membranes are installed over the roof insulation. Protected / Inverted membranes are installed underneath the insulation.

  • Great slopes with long runs may require extra supports. Do you want to download loading tables and structural bracing suggestions?

  • Wind-related requirements will typically be determined by the structural engineer or architect.

  • RoofBlue is our patented "blue green roof" solution that assists with stormwater retention or detention.

  • Thoughtful Plant Selection Very Important

    We are committed to ensuring that the LiveRoof system is the very best value in green roof systems. And we support it with the very best plant material. LiveRoof is the only green roof company that specifically selects, breeds, and tests plants for green roof applications. Our plant choices are not just "a mix of sedums" they are critically evaluated and purposefully bred Sedums and other species that are uniquely effective at withstanding the rigors of the green roof environment.

    Thoughtful plant selection is important not only for the functionality of your LiveRoof, but for aesthetic qualities as well. And, we are here to help. Whether you endeavor to have plants that will survive 50 stories high, or to use the rooftop as a canvas to "paint with plants," we can advise you as to which plants are ideal.

    If you have not done so already, please consult your local grower regarding your plant choices prior to releasing your specification for bid. This is a critical step in deriving the best function and value from your green roof system, and the bidders will need this information when they seek pricing from their local LiveRoof Licensed Grower.

  • If you have your plant mix(es) selected, you can enter them into our Spec Writer here. If you haven't selected your plants, please add them later in the editable specsheet, in the section "2.3 PLANTS."

    Please click here for instructions on writing plant mix specifications and sample mixes.

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