With its unique patent pending Soil Elevators® and Moisture Portals™, the LiveRoof® system gives you the look and function of a conventional green roof “membrane” system, with the turn-key benefits of a modular system. LiveRoof represents the best aspects of modular and conventional green roofs combined in one simple, attractive effective system.

As growers, we designed the system in conjunction with experts in the fields of architecture, roofing, logistics, and ergonomics.  Our system is designed to grow healthy plants!

  • Because our modules are fully matured at the nursery, they require minimal maintenance.
  • For each project, we develop and supply a customized operation manual based on the climate, size and plant type.  Anyone with very basic understanding of plants can care for their LiveRoof as long as they follow the simple care protocol.  You don’t need to be a horticulturalist to realize a healthy green roof.
  • LiveRoof modules are populated with plants customized for each projects’ microclimate and design objectives.
  • If there is ever any need to make changes to the roof, LiveRoof modules allow simple access to the roof without needing to cut through plastic drainage and filtering layers.
  • LiveRoof modules are molded in the US from recycled plastics.