Our mission is to empower customers with systems, protocols and plants that make green roofs simple and lasting, accessible and serviceable.

We aim to be knowledgeable, innovative and uncommonly helpful as we foster a greener world.


Our vision is to restore the balance between green space (plants) and hard space (concrete, asphalt and rubber).

We aim to create a more hospitable planet by proclaiming the benefits of plants and helping our clients to successfully install and cultivate them (on rooftops).


LiveRoof provides natural function, as it unites the soil across the entire roof.  This allows for equal distribution of moisture, fertility, and beneficial organisms, and is the key to long term function of the green roof system.

Modules are subterranean, supporting natural beauty with a meadow-like aesthetic.

Hybrid Green Roof System

Our patented hybrid green roof design combines the best features of alternate green roof methods:

LiveRoof offers the Natural Function and Natural Beauty of built-in-place living roofs—without the extensive ongoing costs of maturation.

LiveRoof offers the convenience of delivery and speed of installation of green roof modules—without grid lines or compartmentalization of soil.

LiveRoof also provides the pre-vegetation of carpet or mat systems—with a broader plant palette and without the need for excessive watering and maintenance required for establishment.

Locally Made, Grown & Supported

LiveRoof plastic modules, concrete pavers, aluminum edging, and other accessories are manufactured in the United States.  LiveRoof brand engineered green roof soils are blended by local soil formulators and planted by local Licensed Growers in the USA and Canada.

Local Licensed Growers

RoofTop Proven™

We breed and select the most outstanding plants, and subject them to rigorous rooftop trials and broadscale hardiness testing.  We proudly offer dozens of exclusive, RoofTop Proven™ plant selections specifically developed for performance on green roofs.

Plant Selection

Time-Saving Design Tools

To support design professionals, we maintain an architecture and engineering section on this website, as well as a printed Idea Guide & Designer’s Checklist.  These resources are kept current with the knowledge we have obtained through our supply of thousands of green roofs totaling millions of square feet.

Design Resources

Generate Custom Specifications

Every green roof is unique, so we’ve made it easy to generate custom specifications for your project. Use our Spec Writer form and download your LiveRoof specifications sheet.

Spec Writer

A Green Roof System that Optimizes Benefits

Green roofs offer many benefits to both building owners and the communities in which they’re situated.  With LiveRoof, you get an instant green roof, for optimized benefits from the day of installation.


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