As part of an ongoing effort to green up its campus, promote sustainability and improve the care experience for patients, Aultman Hospital has installed its first green roof. The LiveRoof® Hybrid Green Roof System was selected for the 2,500-square-foot project, which was installed by Rice’s Nursery & Landscaping (Canton, Ohio).

“Views of natural landscapes have a positive effect on emotional and mental health. Some studies have even shown that patients who have a view of green space have lower levels of stress and anxiety and recover more quickly, ” said Ryan Jones, vice president of support services at Aultman Hospital. “In addition to providing a more natural view from the windows of our patient rooms, the green roof provides environmental benefits, including better stormwater management.”

“The green roof also shields the underlying structural roof, protecting it from UV radiation and temperature extremes and from damage from windblown debris,” said Jones. “That helps extend the service life of the roof.”

According to Jones, the project team agreed on the selection of the LiveRoof system. Its modular design makes it easy to install. LiveRoof modules include unique features which establish a green roof as a naturally functioning ecosystem. With LiveRoof, the green roof plants are fully grown when the system is installed for instant results, enduring beauty and low maintenance.

“LiveRoof offered regional horticultural expertise and green roof planning and installation experience that made them a good partner for our local landscape contractor, Rice’s Nursery & Landscaping,” said Jones.

The roof is planted with the LiveRoof Carefree Evergreen plant mix, which features eight different varieties of Sedum for a diversity of textures and colors.