A green roof will be one of the features of the new Aztec Student Union on the campus of San Diego State University.  Installation of the LiveRoof® green roof system provided by Florasource, Ltd. will begin on November 18, 2013 and is expected to be completed within a few days.  Members of the media are invited to view the installation by appointment.

Plant selections for the 1,382 square foot green space were based upon tests and previous project experience, using a plant mix that takes into consideration the harsh, roof top temperatures that inland San Diego experiences throughout the year.  Plants specifically selected for this project are in the plant genus Sedum, and include species and cultivars that are well-suited to San Diego’s Mediterranean climate.

This green roof is just one of the features of this building to certify it under the LEED program, the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings.  Certified LEED buildings cost less to operate and are a physical demonstration of the values of the organizations that own and occupy them.

According to Beth Chee, Media Relations Manager at SDSU, “While it is not a large green roof area; it will look great in this setting with lush greenery contrasting with white walls and red tile roofs in the background.  It will serve its purpose as a green roof, reducing water runoff, mitigating heat and being a space for birds and helpful insects; but it will also be a great spot for students to sit and do homework, relax, meditate and recharge.”

Tom Hawkins, LiveRoof’s Southern California rep and owner of Florasource, Ltd. notes, “This roof top is unique.  All of the storm water runoff, including the green roof area, will be directed to 3 large 50,000 gallon tanks resting below the inner courtyard at ground level.  This water will be stored to reuse in the landscape, including irrigation of the green roof as needed.”

The first student union, the former Aztec Center built in 1968, was torn down in June of this year with nearly 80% of the construction debris slated for recycling reuse.  The new four-story Aztec Student Union, or “Union” for short, will open January 2014.  It is twice the size of the former student union.  The Union will serve as the campus living room for student life.  Designed as a LEED Platinum building, this sustainable building has several energy conservation features.

Amenities and services include dining, retail, lounges, meeting rooms, a multi-purpose Montezuma Hall, 300 seat theater, outdoor courtyards, bowling and a fitness center.  Funding for the $104 million student union comes entirely from SDSU student-approved fees.

To learn more about LiveRoof, visit our website at https://liveroof.com or members of the press may schedule an appointment to view the installation by calling or emailing Natalie Linville-Mass at (309) 786-5142 or Natalie@livewall.com.  You can also download additional pictures and learn more about this project check out our project showcase or Flickr.