St. Elizabeth Hospital, continuing its commitment to providing person-centered care in a sustainable manner, is putting the final touches on its third planted roof.  Contractors are wrapping up the installation of a 6,110 square-foot LiveRoof®  system atop the new Fremont Tower which began earlier this week. The first 4,125 square foot green roof was installed on the Heart, Vascular and Lung Center building in 2009. This building received LEED Gold Certification in recognition of its sustainable design and operation. The hospital also installed a 3,000 square-foot vegetated roof on its Cancer Center in 2011.

Appleton Wisconsin Hospital Green Roof

Finishing touches are being put on the third green roof of the Appleton campus at St. Elizabeth Hospital.

St. Elizabeth Hospital is part of Affinity Health System, Ministry Health Care and Ascension. The hospital’s organizational value of wisdom calls its staff to be responsible stewards of natural resources. The new 5-story building at the Hospital was designed with a sustainable approach, and embodies this value. The building has many sustainable features, including efficient mechanical systems, use of passive solar energy, and low-flow faucets, toilets and showers. The building also has ground-floor and rooftop gardens, which benefit patients and the environment.

“When we planned the new building, we wanted to create a restful place for patients to heal and a great place for associates to work. We also wanted the building to be sustainable, so we deliberately planned and constructed the building in this way,” explains Iqbal Mian, a Lean Leader who focuses on sustainability efforts at Ministry Health Care.

The new rooftop garden was designed by Hamill Green Abrahamson, the architects for the project, and will be installed by Crafts Inc. Bachman’s Inc. of Minneapolis, Minnesota custom grew the green roof system as the regional LiveRoof licensee.

“It is important to us to assist Affinity Health System in creating a healthful, healing environment for patients, families, staff and visitors to St. Elizabeth Hospital,” says John Daniels, Vice President of Production and Wholesale, Bachman’s Inc. “We are proud of our relationship with Affinity, and pleased to continue to support their mission and vision for green healthcare and sustainability.”

Green roofs provide nature function and beauty. A patented, subterranean modular system unites the soil and plants creating a naturally beautiful meadow-like aesthetic. The roofs provide aesthetic, environmental and social benefits. Financial benefits can also be achieved from a vegetative roof including: extension of roof life, energy conservation, enhanced public relations, and conservation of municipal septic systems.