LiveRoof brand green roof at the Roof Design CenterThe final phase of the Roofing Design Center at the Rabine Group headquarters in Schaumburg, IL is completed. This feature enables Roofing Solutions America, a company of the Rabine Group, to better educate its partners and the industry on various roof types. An easy access walk path allows observers to examine the various roof technologies.

The final phases of the Rabine Group Roofing Design Center revolved around environmentally friendly roofs: Vegetative Garden Roofs and Solar Roof Technologies. Vegetative Garden Roofs are also referred to as “green roofs”. Garden roofs can be “intensive” or “extensive” depending on the depth of the substrate and growing medium. Garden roofs absorb the sunlight and rain, thus, reducing UV rays and storm water run-off. The plants provide added insulation and improve noise reduction. Green roofs reduce roof top surface temperatures and reduce “urban heat island” effects while helping the surrounding community breathe a little easier! The Rabine Roof Design Center has an extensive roof provided through LiveRoof. The plants are grown in the state of Michigan and delivered fully grown to maximize immediate environmental benefits.

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